Aqualung Atlantis Old School Mask


  • $98.00
  • Save $15

This Diving mask looks like it came from a James Bond Movie or may have been used by a Navy Seal in 1975. Hollywood Divers stocks this and other Masks that were popular in the early days of scuba. Not all that functional as compared to a new Aqualung Dive mask but it sure looks cool. This mask is the Genuine Article that sends us back in time. Think Thunderball, The Deep, Sea Hunt. 

We Sell and Rent this Mask as part of our Underwater Props Department. Vintage Film Cameras, Masks, A Vintage Underwater Scooter are just some of the Items that Hollywood Divers Stocks for Rental or Purchase. See also the U.S. Divers, Aqualung Vintage Wraparound Mask. 

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