Rent the Arri Alexa Mini Waterproof Housing by Nauticam

Hollywood Divers

  • $749.00

Underwater Arri Alexa Mini Housing Rental Includes Underwater Monitor or Monitor Housing with Pelican Carry Cases - Controls for Lens - Manual or Remote Gearing - Includes WC4 Water Proof Cable that allows topside control of Iris , Zoom , Focus - Includes Topside Monitor Cable.

Easy Underwater Arri Alexa Mini Camera Setup

Designed with both owner/operator and rental markets in mind, the Nauticam system is very easy to build.  Armed with only a coin and #3 allen wrench, the entire support and lens control system is constructed on the camera base plate outside of the housing.  This means the the camera, lens, lens control system, and even motors can be built on a table, in good light, with plenty of working space.  Once the camera is assembled on its tray, the entire system slides into the housing, and locks securely in place

Lens changes are just as easy, with accessed through the large 200mm port opening, or even more easily by pulling the camera and lens out of the housing back door for unencumbered access.

Nauticam ARRI Alexa Mini Setup Tutorial from Nauticam on Vimeo.

Universal Lens Controls

Lens swaps are easily accomplished with the camera out of the housing, or from the port opening when the camera is installed.

The lens gearing system is universal, sliding forward or back to match lens control ring placement, and swinging down to positively engage.  No tools are required, with thumb screws securely locking all adjustments in place.

A 'C' Shaped support ring is used with very long zoom lenses, providing the structural support that allows precise control without slipping.

See the remote controller in action hooked up with the nauticam housing 




Inventory List - Subject to change due to adjustment needs by client and or by Hollywood Divers 

Nauticam Arri Alex Mini Housing Item List 


200 MM Glass Dome

Ext Ring 20 

Ext Ring 30

Ext Ring 10

Nauticam Arri Alexa Mini Underwater Housing

Alexa Mini Locking Camera Tray

Lower Assembly Lens Gear Rack Adjustable 

Upper Gear Rack 

Allen Wrench Set

Top Handle

Monitor Ball Mount with Clamp 

Lens Bra - Neoprene Protector

Remote Electric Motor Mount 1

Remote Electric Motor Mount 2

Remote Drive Gear 1

Remote Drive Gear 2

Remote Drive Gear 3

Upper Assembly Lens Gear Rack Adjustable 

Left Handle

Right Handle

Remote WC4 Limo Control Cable

Lens Gear Support Rod 1

Lens Gear Support Rod 2

Lens Gear Support Rod 3

Lens Gear Support Rod 4

Lens Gear Support Rod 5

Lens Gear Support Rod 6

Lens Gear Support Rod 7

Lens Gear Support Rod 8

HD-SDi Jumper Cable BNC type

Plastic Housing Port Opening Cover

Manual Vacum Pump

Round Trim Weight 1 With Screw

Round Trim Weight 2 With Screw

Round Trim Weight 3 With Screw

Round Trim Weight 4 With Screw

Battery 1 for 502 Monitor

Battery 2 for 502 Monitor

Battery 3 for 502 Monitor

Battery 4 for 502 Monitor

Battery Charger

Monitor 502 Sdi

Monitor 502 Watertight Housing with mounting ball

Additional SDI Jumper Cables 

Monitor Carry Case for 502 Monitor

Pelican Case for Housing and Port

Pelican Case for Cable, Monitor housing, Gears etc


all rentals require production insurance   Pickup - Prep day should be scheduled as the same day   

pickups are allowed between the hours of 10 until 5 except Sunday   10 until 2 

return days - rental  is due before 3 pm 

select 1 day 2 day 3 day weekly or monthly rental 

pick up day and drop off day are free days minimum rental period is one day 

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