Air Nozzle with 25 foot Hose Rental for Rain Shoots

Hollywood Divers Underwater Rentals

  • $60.00

During rain shoots or close to water shoots, water droplets accumulating on the lens or protective dome of a camera housing will ruin your shot. 

Rent air nozzles with first stage Scuba regulator  that fit a standard scuba tank, includes a hose 25 feet long for mobility during camera moves or working in tight spaces. 

air delivery is variable by bending the air nozzle more forcibly.  Hollywood Divers does not pump nitrogen but in most cases compressed air will work for keeping droplets out  of the camera POV 

scuba tanks in various sizes are available to rent. The Low Pressure steel 72 cu foot tank is the most popular for this rig. 

let us know your start day and drop off day, We will calculate the final fees by using the per day, week or month price and email you the proper forms. 
each unit is 65 per day 

example Shoot Day is Weds,   Pickup on Tuesday with payment to be done at that time, Shoot Weds, Return To Hollywood Divers before 3 Pm on Thursday. This is a one day rental period and you would be charged 65 for the air nozzle. 

Air Tanks are Extra and range from 16 to 20 dollars per day 

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