Rental Drysuit with Rental Undergarment

Hollywood Divers

  • $99.00

Rent Drysuits from Diving Unlimited International or Santi. Both Suits have replaceable seals so sizing is easy. Plan a fitting time prior to rental pickup for the best experience. Film Crews, Certified Drysuit Divers enjoy Hollywood Divers Dry Suit Diving Training and Rentals 7 Days per Week.

Renting a Drysuit is not as simple as just putting it on. Film Crews and Uncertified Divers who are in a Training Program may make mistakes that can be costly. Hollywood Divers wants to help you avoid these issues.

1.Use proper undergarment for wicking such as the DUI Duo-Therm or Fourth

Elements Arctic

2. Stand on a mat so that no dirt or sand is inserted into the suit.

3. Remove all jewelry / rings , watches etc that may rip the seals.

4. Have someone that knows how to use a drysuit help you size it and put it


LIABLE FOR DAMAGE. Call Hollywooddivers 323 969 9666

5. Do not pull on the wrist seals in a manner that will rip them. Push them

on by helping the seal over the hand by inserting two fingers on the

opposite hand into the end of the seal.

6. Help the neck seal over the head by using four fingers inserted on each

side of the seal. Go Slow. the neck seal should be fitted properly by

Hollywood Divers

7. Make sure the zipper is shut completely.

8. After your water activity, the suit and under garment must come back

clean. Don’t put the drysuit in a washer. Clean it by wearing it and

stepping under a shower. Or hang it upside down and hose it off well.

Avoid getting water inside the suit. In case of water entering the suit

must be rinsed inside out. Please call us for questions.

9. Cleaning fees apply on all pieces rented. Please call 323 969 9666 with

any questions.

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