Nauticam SDIWater to Surface Monitor Cable

Nauticam Camera Housings

  • $420.00

This SDI Surface Monitor Cable 25064 49 feet Long is for Underwater to topside

This Waterproof 30m (Approximately 98.5 ft) SDI Cable for connections between Water Proof Nauticam SDI Bulkheads. Both ends may be connected to waterproof extensions or from underwater Nauticam housing to underwater nauticam monitor. Not a Traditional Diver to topside Monitor Cable. For Nauticam Fittings only. #25063

Also the 25065 45 Meter Surface Monitor Cable on spool provides a connection between the waterproof Nauticam Bulkhead and the dry monitor topside. It comes in 2 lengths 15 meters and 45 meters. Must be used with Nauticam Bulkhead 

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