Kraken Underwater Strobe

Kraken Sports

  • $395.00

On Sale - Only one at this price The KR-S02 is a compact strobe, with plenty of power, and more importantly plenty of battery life. Enough juice to use one battery pack all day with up to 900+ full power cycles! A guide number of 24 will give you plenty of power to light your subjects. Digital read out screen on the back showing current strobe power level, and the number of flashes left on your battery pack. All the information you need in a easy to read screen. The ring flash tube provides a very nice even beam. Fiber optically fired, and manual control only. Extensions are included for the knobs so they are easy to use with thick gloves. Threaded bezel for optional diffusers, and other accessories we will be making down the road. Lithium ion battery pack is the same pack used with the Hydra 5000 so if you already have this light you can easily interchange between both products.

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