Frog Spit All Purpose Lens PPE Defog

Frog Spit All Purpose Lens PPE Defog

Hollywood Divers

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Frog-Spit Lens Anti Fog 
2 OUNCE Frog Spit anti-fog is a formula that provides long lasting anti fog protection equally well in warm and cold climates and is simple and quick to apply. Frog Spit has been formulated to meet all your anti-fog needs. NO RINSING NECESSARY! Just one drop spread evenly around the lense is all you need. Originally developed to stop Scuba Diving Masks from fogging, Frog Spit works equally well on Medical Eye Protection, swim or ski goggles, motorcycle helmet face guards, hockey face shields, or any surface that needs long lasting anti-fog protection. Frog Spit also works on Some of Hollywood’s Most Famous Underwater Film Shoots. The Glass Domes of Underwater Camera Housings are prone to water droplets sticking to the glass and therefore ruining the shot. We use frog spit ON The OUTSIDE of the Glass Dome to prevent droplets from forming there.


Frog-Spit Anti Fog at Hollywood Divers in Los Angeles

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