Black Titanium Diving Knife by Aqualung


  • $199.00

Aqua Lung Argonaut Knives
Working in conjunction with the worlds premiere maritime commandos, Aqua Lung has designed and developed The Argonaut Dive Knives. These knives are 9.75 long and made of a single piece of 4mm, highly rust resistant, Titanium. After the blade is cut and ground to the correct shape, the metal is blackened with an EDP coating then sharpened. The handle is wrapped with 7 feet of 5mm Nylon Paracord and the sheath is made from 2mm thick thermoformed aircraft grade Kydex. When everything is assembled, the logos are laser etched into the knife and sheath.
  • 4mm thick, highly rust resistant, Titanium with an EDP coating

    Aqua Lung Argonaut Tactical Knives
  • Two available blade styles, Spartan and Blunt

  • Blade is 4 7/8 long and the handle is 4 7/8

  • Butt of the handle comes to a point for hammering, breaking
    and crushing

  • The handle is double wrapped in 7 feet of 5mm paracord

  • Sheath is made from 2mm thick Kydex with 1/8 grommets

  • Leg strap holes are 1 long and 1/4 wide

  • Comes with 2 rubber leg straps.

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