Aqualung i300C Wrist Mount Diving Computer


  • $329.00
  • Save $10.95

  • The New Aqua Lung i300C Wrist Computer: C for Connectivity
  • Effortless Approach and Versatility
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
    Flexible Operating Modes
  • Built-In Backlight
  • User-Changeable Battery with Data Retention
  • Ruggedness that You-Can-Count-On
  • Water-Activated On-Switch: No-Worries Start to Dive
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to download logbook wirelessly
    Wireless Exchange of Dive Log Information w/DiverLog app
    Fast Connections w/Buddies On-Social-Media
  • 4 Operating Modes:
    Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer)
    Free Dive (tracks calculations to allow unrestricted switching between Dive and Free)
  • Backlighting for Easy Reading in Low Light
  • Audible Alarms & Additional High-Visibility LED Warning Light for Additional Safety
  • User-Updatable Software
  • Optional Download Cable: Access to Latest Features and Upgrade (see SKU: UDRPCI550)
  • Pre-Dive Planning Feature Allows Preview of Next Dive
  • Single Button Access to Last Dive Display (max depth and bottom time)
  • History Mode: Total Number of Dives, Max Depth, Total Hours, & Lowest Temperature
  • Depth Readout: 330' (100 meters)
  • 3-Nitrox Mixes to 100% O2
  • Able to Switch Up to 3-Gases Underwater
  • Optional Deep Stop w/Countdown Timer
  • Salt or Fresh Water Dive Selection
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment
  • Simple to Use w/DiverLog Software on Mac or PC Platforms
  • Control of All Dive Computer Settings:
  • View Log and Profile Data
  • Add Location, Notes and Other Details
  • Store and Share Photos & Videos
  • Note: DiverLog Must be Purchased Separately at
  • Includes:
    Digital Instruction Manual
    Safety Reference Info
    DiverLog Brochure
    Quick Reference Card
    Lens Protector
    Battery Compartment Opening Tool

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