Carbon Fiber Apnea Fins by TRYGONS Scubapro Med Size Open Box One at this Price


  • $299.00
  • Save $200

Carbon Fiber Apnea Fins by TRYGONS. S1 Pro is a super powerful apnea fin made with a 99% carbon blade for exceptional power recovery and unparalleled performance.  1 at this Price 

 S1 full foot fin is part of an entirely NEW line of Carbon Apnea fins developed and tested in partnership with Trygons, renowned for progressive design, materials and manufacturing methods, and well associated with world-record setting free divers.

  • Carbon blades provide the highest performance in free diving fins. And we use the highest available carbon possible, similar to that used in Formula 1 cars.
  • Our foot pocket, blade and guide rail are constructed separately initiating numerous advantages to the carbon fin concept.
  • The hydrodynamic, optimized foot pocket is not only ultra-soft and comfortable, but also lessens drag. Equipped with replaceable, rigid straps for the best possible power transmission between foot and blade.
  • The unique low-profile guide rail promotes perfect water channeling and because of its softness, doesnt impede on the carbon blades high performance characteristics.
  • Thanks to the soft rails and construction technique 100% of the fins power comes from the actual high performing blades.

Available in several foot pocket sizes including extra small for small womens feet.


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