NAUI Divemaster Materials - Online training Code and Admin forms

NAUI Divemaster Materials - Online training Code and Admin forms


  • $199.00

The NAUI Fit KIT includes 

NAUI Familiarization-Instruction-Testing (FIT) Candidiate Packet Packages deal for Both is 359.00 USD
Product Number: NES98501

  • FIT eLearning code
  • FIT Registration Form
  • Leadership folder (#82903)
  • NAUI Leadership and Instruction textbook (#12900)
  • Medical form (#80011PHY)
  • RGBM Air Dive Table (#35511)
  • NAUI Standard Air Dive Table (#30033)
  • Candidate Assessment Report (#80014)
  • NAUI Course Evaluation Form (#82902)

This NAUI Divemaster Candidate Packet Premier NAUI Education System contains all the materials needed for a NAUI Divemaster course.    If you have already completed NAUI FIT or are Already a NAUI Assistant Instructor.

Includes online DM Training course code NAUI Divemaster Course Packet

Product Number: NES98503

  • Divemaster course eLearning code
  • Standards and Policies manual on iCard (#20000S&P)
  • Leadership folder (#82903)
  • Membership application
  • Course evaluation form (#82902)
  • Review survey
  • Medical form (#80011PHY)
  • Divemaster decal (#63503)
  • Certificate (#43501)
  • NAUI logo emblem (#51000)
  • Divemaster Dive Table Slate (#33501)

Prerequisites are Master Diver, Scuba Rescue, Basic Life Support & First Aid / CPR, and Oxygen Administration, you then may beginNAUI Divemaster training.


This does not include the course tuition fee for Divemaster Training. Fee will Vary depending on format. Private or Semi Private.   

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