Tusa Backplate and Wing with Single Webbing Adjustibility


  • $499.00

Tusa Backplate and Wing with Single Webbing Adjustibility

Whether you Weigh 135 Lbs or 235 Lbs this BC will fit you.    Add weight Pockets / Trim Pockets and Enjoy the Freedom and Infinite Adjustability of Single Continuous Glide Through Webbing.


Model Number: BC0502B


The TUSA t-wing BC is a Recreational, tech-styled BC that offers a light weight, customizable platform. The aluminum back plate and compact donut bladder provide assured stability in the water. Achieve perfect trim and comfort with the optional accessory pockets and single tank adapter.

 MSRP $499.00   Plus Weight Pockets see drop down to add pockets 

>  Aluminum back plate design

>  Circular, Donut bladder fixed with 3 exhaust valves

>  Customize with accessory weight pockets and aluminum single tank adapter

>  Single feed adjustable webbing with rollers

>  Dual RiteTite Buckle system

>  Light weight, travel friendly

>  Sizes: XS-XL

>  Lift Capacity: XS-XL: 27.0 lbf.

>  Optional Aluminum Tank Adapter Set available


Optional Removable Weight Pockets available 

Hollywood divers Recommends these Pockets for Releasable Ballast 

Side-Slide Weight Pockets

Side-Slide weight pockets are an easy way to add lead to a 2” webbed harness, usually associated with a backplate and a wing.

  • Large, side-squeeze 2” buckles on the front of the pocket for easy release of weights

  • Adjustment strap with D-ring to cinch down for snug fit

  • Each pocket holds up to 12 lbs (5.5 kg) of lead weights

  • The dual grommet tail on the back allows for attachment to the backplate. This keeps pouches from sliding forward.

  • A 30º angled web retainer on the back provides an option to mount the weights at an upward angle, a feature desirable to small waisted divers

  • A large, 2” stainless steel D-ring is found on the bottom of each pocket for accessory attachment

  • Sold as a pair  Add $72.00

p/n HL209

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