Underwater Digital Imaging Online Training and Class Review Session

Underwater Digital Imaging Online Training and Class Review Session

NAUI Worldwide

  • $59.00

Take an Underwater photography course today. Start today with the NAUI Underwater Digital Imaging Class. 
Step 1 is to buy the Course code and complete all home work 

Step 2 is to come to Hollywood Divers and do the homework review session with a NAUI instructor 

Step 3 set a date for water training and pick up and rental gear needed, Hollywood Divers rents or sells underwater photography gear from GoPro to the Most Sophisticated Underwater Camera Housings such as Canon 5D mk 4, Black Magic 4K cinema, Arri Alexa Mini, Sony A7 series and more. Additional fees apply for rental of Camera and or Scuba Diving Rentals. Hollywood Divers rents Tanks, Regulators, BCD’s, Weights, Wetsuits and Drysuits with undergarments. Please make arrangements to come by and be fitted. 

Step 4 execute the requirements and complete the dives in a private or semi private water training session. Additional fees apply and price will vary depending on whether you choose one on one training or if you choose to train with others. Our class sizes max out at four students. 

call 323 969 9666 or cut to the chase and buy the digital specialty course code and start right away. 
we will email you a code and start procedure within 24 hours. 

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