Squid Viscous Scuba Diver T-Shirt Mens

Squid Viscous Scuba Diver T-Shirt Mens

Hollywood Divers

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Never Mind the Bollocks, was the best selling album by English Punks, The Sex Pistols. Since October 1977, The album inspired many Successful bands such as the Underwater Cover Band, The Salt Pistols, a Favorite of Most Cephalopods.

This Multi Talented Band is Lead by Prawny Rotten and by the DisAgreeable Bass Player, Squid Viscous.

 Although a Cover band, They Rock Harder with a more multi directional and faster sound transmission than the Original Pistols. While Playing off the coast of Cornwall England in 2002, Squid Brought up his Girl Friend "Nancy Spongen" onto the Stage and She Fertlized the Entire Crowd with it's 4 Year Spawn. "It was disgusting, The crowd loved it" Said Squid, Later Back Stage. 

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