Sink the Stink Wetsuit and Diving Gear Cleaner

Trident Diving

  • $10.95

Clean and Deodorize your Wetsuit and other Diving or Surfing Gear. Works Great on Booties. Available in different Sizes

New 1/2 Gallon concentrate that is equivalent to the old 1 gallon bottle of Sink the Stink Sink the Stink is a natural, environmentally friendly, state of the art product, specifically formulated for the diving, surfing and water sports community. Sink the Stink biologically eliminates the odors commonly found in neoprene wet suits, BCDs and dive skins, including human excretions, mildew and other disgusting smells.

Sink the Stink® is ready to use. Dispense 1/2 oz. from the 4 oz. bottle, or twist open a 1/2 oz. (15ml) Turtle Pak and squeeze the contents into 10 to 20 gallons of warm water (A quarter to half filled bath tub).

Commercial users will find the new Super Concentrate ideal for treating large numbers of rental gear or for dock side dip tanks. 1/2 oz. to 1 oz. (15ml to 30ml) is all that is required for a full days application and as many wet suits as required. Sink the Stink® is a very cost effective way to preserve your investment in neoprene while keeping your customers happy with odor free rental gear

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