Small Business Virus Woes

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 What’s a Small Business to Do ? We are part of an amazing subset of Angelenos - Scuba Divers and Breath Hold Divers. We share the same philosophy as most folks, Safety First = A Good Memory ! 
 Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!!! 
 But how does a Small Business weather a Global ( Animal Born ) Virus Pandemic?   

This is Hollywood Divers 20th Year of Operation and we have survived The Writers Strike , Actors Strike , 2008 Financial Meltdown, Growing Online Competition, A Small Fire that Flooded our Store but we never saw this one coming.      An invisible Force, Microscopic but nevertheless the one that caused us to close our store. 
We are now Temporarily Closed, if allowed, we will be filling internet orders and answering Emails to keep our Customers served as best as we can without breaking Health Department Rules.  
We along with all LA Businesses are Directed to Close until April 19 2020.    We are hoping that this will slow and or stop a major medical Catastrophe in Los Angeles. 
Some Italians and other Friends from Abroad have personally advised us to not take this lightly. We hope that the citizens of LA and all of our customers from around the globe stay immune and heed the warnings of scientists. 
Without our health we can not focus on the Activities that bond us - Freediving and Scuba Diving are our Passion and we hope to see you out there for many years to come. 

Hollywood Divers will be monitoring all emails to 

We will be monitoring gear orders from 

We have Classes and Trips on our calendar page and will be honoring all services and classes for the future. Needless to say we are not allowed to teach for the months of March and April - unless the health department lifts these requirements and we get to operate as a fully functional dive shop. 

We don’t want to distance from you because we love the conversations, the high fives, the handshakes, the hugs, and we need your support. But these are the times when we must band together and agree that this could be a lot worse if we do not adhere to keeping our distance.  Please be polite to your neighbors and let’s hope that this strategy stops Covid-19 ( you bastard ) in it’s tiny little, slimy tracks.

Thanks For all of your Support 

Hollywood Divers 

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