New Halcyon Doubles Wing - Have you Seen This ?

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 Before Halcyon started making double tank wings, a non-circular (horseshoe) was the standard. Halcyon’s inventive circular, double-tank Evolve™ BC was a standout success, establishing a new industry standard. We fully expect the Halcyon Legend™ BC to make a similar impression.


How the Halcyon Legend™ Wing is different from our world-renown Evolve™ Wing.

The Legend’s new shape helps enhance a flat trim position, especially for those that experience difficulty in keeping their legs up. Our test divers said their dives felt effortless with the new form factor. The new Rapid Drain system immediately removes water accumulated between the shell and the bladder as you exit the water, reducing effort and water spray. And the novel passthrough slots provide an easy way to run a pressure gauge or other accessory hoses under the wing.
 Watch Nicole's Video for a more thorough explanation. ⤵️


🥁 DRUMROLL . . .   Are you ready for this Halcyon promo? 

 Effective January 24, 2023, Halcyon will be offering custom-color & two-text name embroidery (front right and left panels) as the same price as the standard, non-custom Evolve™ wing (U.S. $578 USD) through March 31, 2023. This is for the New Legend Wing Only. Special Order and all Sales are Final. Standard Halcyon Order Form must be Filled out at Hollywood Divers upon Payment.

Why are we offering such a savings incentive? We understand some people are hesitant to try new things, and we want to make it as easy for you to encourage the adoption of what is destined to become the new industry standard.

Halcyon and Hollywood Divers Have Been Longtime Partners in California Diving. We are Excited to See Halcyon Introduce New, High Quality Products.

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